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BlockMine Frequently Asked Questions

What is BlockMine Limited?                                                                       

We are cryptocurrency mining website industry, which was established in London. BlockMine limited was established as a result of studying other cryptocurrency platform and after doing a lot of research; we put everything together and came up with our own system. With BlockMine you have the opportunity of making money every day.

How Can I Confirm How Authentic BlockMine Is?

Confirming if our platform is authentic is very easy. BlockMine is registered in the UK with (10292198). In other to confirm if our company is truly registered with the UK government, you can visit the UK government website below. http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk. (Get the Company Number Here)
When you visit the website, enter the registration number of our company and click search. A search result of the information of our company will be displayed. With that, you will be able to confirm if our company is fake or not.

Is BlockMine Secure?

We assure total security to your BlockMine account. We have a centralized database with each client e-wallet and account and this database is backed up every 30 seconds which ensure that we do not lose your account in any way. If by any chance another miner hacks your account, the issue is been tracked immediately and the account is been restored.

How Do I Register On BlockMine?

Registration is as easy as reading the alphabet. When you visit our website, you will see the register link, just click on the register and fill out the form. If you have a referral link, click it and fill out a few details and submit it to us, you will receive an email from us containing your account details which enables you to log into your account and choose your plan in other to get started.

How Does The Weekly Mining Plan Work And The Referral Commission On BlockMine?

The weekly plan enables you to earn up to 7% to 15% profit, which guarantees 150% return on investment. you stand the chance to also get 30% direct referral bonus and 3% indirect referral team referral bonuses. The direct referral bonus is received base on the earning of your direct referral and this is received until the 150% earning of your referral is complete. While the indirect referrals bonus enables you to make 2% every week of your indirect referrals until their 150% earnings is complete. You will also have to watch up to 8 ads each day. For more information about referrals, you can visit the affiliate program link.

Is There A Deposit Fee?

Why? You do not have to pay anything when you want to deposit. All you have to deposit is the money you want to invest. The only time you will have to pay extra money is only the transaction fee Bitcoin will charge you for each transaction.

How Do I Start With BlockMine Weekly Program?

Firstly you have to register with us.

Log into your account and click on "Deposit Money" link and make your first deposit to your account (NOTE: you have to deposit money first in order to start getting income).

Next, you have to click on “Upgrade Account” link and upgrade your account by filling up form for your desired plan.


  • CPU mining 100$

  • GPU mining 200$

  • FPGA mining 300$

  • CLOUD mining 500$

  • POOL mining 1000$

  • DIGITAL mining 2000$

  • ASCI mining 3000$

  • ASCI Booster 5000$

  • HASH Booster 10000$

That’s not all, in other to make an income you have to start watching ads immediately and you must make up to 8 ads daily in other to get your weekly mining revenue.

How Do I Make Deposit Via Bitcoin Or Perfect Money On The Weekly Mining Program?

In other to learn how to make a deposit via Bitcoin or perfect money in the weekly mining program and advertisement program, a detailed step by step YouTube video has been done for simplicity reasons. This is the link to the tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czvkVPkxM4I.

How Long Does It Take My Deposit To Appear In My Account?

Deposit you made takes up to approximately 15 to 20 minutes to appear in your account. If you follow the exact steps we show you in our YouTube video tutorial. But if there is any technical issue, it makes take few hours to appear in your account. But you just have to be patient because all payment must be loaded.

Can I Make Deposit To My Friends Account?

Yes if you have access to your friends account with permission of him/her you can also make direct deposit in your friends account by using his/her account credential.

Is It Possible To Upgrade My Account To An Higher Plan Anytime?

You can upgrade to the higher level through your account at any time. You can purchase more mining units to increase your earning for high profit.
Note: you cannot purchase one package twice if you have already an active package with the same amount.

Can I Upgrade My Friends Account From My Account Balance?

Yes, you can upgrade your friends account from your own account balance by clicking on "Upgrade Friends Account" menu.
Note: If your friends already have an active package then you cannot offer him the same package amount you have to send a unique package which he/she doesn't have.

Can I Transfer Fund To Other User From My BlockMine Account Balance?

Yes we have given an option in your account for transfer money to other blockmine user, without deducting any fee you can transfer funds to any other member of blockmine.

What Is Rank And Reward About?

This is set for Group members who work hard to create their direct team (1st Level), the indirect team (2nd to 16th level). Some company may decide to share that income to those that build their team in our program. Some ranks and rewards have been set for those who build their team in our programs and it can be found at Rank and Reward page in your account. Kindly, check out the page in order to know your current ranking.

How Does This Indirect Referral Earnings Caps For Indirect Business (Level 2 To Level 16) Work?

Some limitations (capping) has been set by BlockMine for weekly mining program with the name referral earning a cap. For individual businesses (level 2 to level 16). All reliable company that offers investment plan set some earning market cap always in order to maintain excellence in their mining projects and protects their future in the program so that their paying plan would not collapse. The finance department also has set earning caps of each rank which only applies to indirect referral commission, it would not affect your direct referral commission.

You can find
all details on the pop-up page after login to weekly mining program.

How Does Daily Earning Program Work (Advertising Program.)?

This program is one of the best revenue sharing programs out there. There are different companies worldwide that joins our platform on weekly basis and we help them promote their website to our customer. You have the ability to add your own website, we would show your website to all our upgraded member randomly in our BlockMine and this gives you the ability to get real clicks and targeted customers from BlockMine. Before you add your website on block mine you will have to pay a monthly fee. You will be able to earn 1.5% profit daily with a total return up to 140% and the Ad pack is priced at $50 only and 3 levels refer commission, you also have the ability to buy multiple Ad Packs.

How Do I Start With The Blockmine Daily Earning (Advertising) Program?

In other to get started with BlockMine Daily Earning (Advertising) program please follow the steps below.

  • Firstly you have to register with us.

  • Next log into your account and go to “Advertising Page” Click on the “Buy New Ad packs” Link and buy the desired amount of ads.

  • After the above step wait for your Ad pack to be activated, after your Ad pack has been Activated you can start earning 1.5% daily by watching 8 ads.

How Do I Make Deposit Via Bitcoin Or Perfect Money To Buy AdPack in Advertising Program?

To teach you the procedure of buying ads Pack we have made a video tutorial. Also video is updated in your back office as well when you click on buy New ads Pack Tutorial Link Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9iAv2usN9M

Can I Buy Multiple AdPacks?

There is no limit to how much Ad pack you can buy.

Can I Offer AdPack To Someone Else?

You can offer Ad pack to someone else, but you cannot offer Ad Pack to someone who has already bought Ad pack.

How Can I Advertise With BlockMine?

You can advertise through your account.

  • Go to “create Advertisement Page”.

  • Fill out the form and assign the number of views you want and click submit.

How Can I Withdraw My Weekly Mining Or Advertising Program Account Balance To My Bitcoin Or Perfect Money Wallet?

To withdraw your earned money to your bitcoin or perfect money wallet you have to submit withdraw request from your account Back Office. But before making any withdrawal request please must update your profile with perfect money and bitcoin account so your withdrawal not cancel and you get withdrawal successfully. If you want to withdraw weekly mining account balance so just login to your account and goto weekly mining program. Click on menu (Account > Make Withdraw) fill up the form and submit your withdraw request for weekly mining balance withdraw. If you want to withdraw advertising program account balance the just login to your account and goto advertising program. Click on menu (Withdraw Earnings) fill up the form and submit your withdraw request for advertising program account balance withdraw.

What Is Minimum And Maximum Withdrawl Fee?

You can make withdrawal request when you have minimum 10$ in your account and there is no limit for maximum. but we suggest always never make big withdrawal request as big transaction amount in bitcoin some time takes time to be confirmed and small request always confirmed instant. when you receive first withdrawal then make new request it your money and blockmine have to pay you always.

Is There Any Withdrawal Fee?

Yes, we charge 8.50% Fees on all withdrawal amount that user made. Fro example if any user make a request of 100$ then 8.50$ will be fees charged. if some one make withdrawal request of 1000$ then 85$ fees will be charged.

How Much Withdrawal Request I Can Submit At A Time?

Better Option to make one withdraw request in weekly mining program every week. If you make more then one withdrawal request system will accept it but your second withdrawal takes time to reach in your bitcoin or perfect money wallet, because our priority to process one withdrawal of every account in timely manners, when we have multiple request of withdrawal from users then it slow our processing.so be aware always make one withdrawal request in one week for better results.

How Much Time Will It Takes To Receive Fund On My Wallet After Submitting Withdraw Request?

We want to inform you that withdraw timing has been increased because of too many withdrawal request daily. Now every withdrawal will take 9 to 10 days and maximum it may takes 2 weeks to process your withdrawal request, sometimes it may be possible that your withdraw processed under 48 to 72 hours. After submitting withdraw request must wait our maximum withdraw time which is 2 week. If your withdraw doesn't approve in our maximum given time then you can directly submit support ticket to related department from your account, they will reply you before 24 hours mostly and some time it may take upto 48 hours.

My Bitcoin Withdrawal Has Been Approved But I Haven’t Receive Any Fund In My Account Yet?

Please note that bitcoin transactions require at least 3 confirmations so once your transaction will get that 3 confirmation your fund will be available in your account. But if your funds not reached in wallet then check your profile whether you have updated your profile with bitcoin and perfect money address. Or your bitcoin account given in your profile is valid and is it your address or some one other stolen your account and make withdrawal request from your account at his wallet. Be careful as we have many stories like this every week. for any problem regarding withdrawal submit support ticket from your account to related department.

Is Compounding Allowed In Weekly Mining Or Daily Earning Program (Advertising Program)?

Compounding is not allowed in weekly mining program as our mining plan is 150% return on investment and at 150% return on investment we pay 30% refer commission to direct sponsor and 3% referral bonus of indirect 15 level sponsors, when users do compounding it disturbs our referral bonuses and instead of 30% we have to pay 40% 50% and so on, so compounding is not allowed. But in daily adspack program we pay 140% return on every adpack so compounding upto 155% is allowed not more than this. If we catch any users who do big compounding system will automatically deactivate its mining units or ads pack. As we have to run program for next many years and it is not a ponzi scheme or Mlm it is a genuine digital media mining project and our some part of investment is in mining. so we have a profit ratio every week and we share that profit to all users who are part of blockmine and this plan we designed after full calculation of our return on profit as well as calculating 16 level refer bonus.

What Is BlockMine Store And What It Sell?

BlockMine store is our new project which we have started with a Mexican company and Chinese sellers. after making an agreement with them now you can purchase All type of Mining Machines through our store. we have bring this option to our program because we know that many of members want to start their own mining system at home but they don't know from where to buy mining machines but we have made it simple for every one now you can chose your desired mining machine to start crypto mining from home.

How Can I Place Order To Make Purchase From BlockMine Store?

It's very simple first of all select your desire machine by which you want to get start and after that make a deal through purchase@blockmine.org.uk OR machine@blockmine.org.uk because we have always there a support staff who guide you and help you regarding shipment and over all delivery process.

NOTE: if you are already a blockmine member then must contact us before making any purchase. if you will not contact us then we will not be responsible for any issue caused.

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